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The promotion and strengthening of Cyprus's export performance and the strengthening of the extroversion of Cypriot businesses is a continuous pursuit of the Ministry. In this framework, the establishment and operation of the Export Helpdesk service offers yet another tool at the disposal of Cypriot exporters in an effort to penetrate foreign markets. In this direction, the optimal utilization of the services offered to businesses by the Government through the Ministry’s Trade Centers operating abroad is promoted through the adoption of a simple process which aims to bring Cypriot businesses in contact with potential importers.

 The Export Helpdesk

  • Provides information through the Trade Centers of the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry to Cypriot companies in relation to foreign markets,
  • Contributes to finding partners and importers through the Ministry’s Trade Centers abroad,
  • Provides information to Cypriot businesses on potential importers acquired from various international databases for countries not covered by the Trade Centers. (The Trade Service will be able to provide this service from 2025)

Application process for Cypriot companies at the Export Helpdesk

Before contacting the Export Helpdesk, businesses are advised to carry out a preliminary study regarding the export prospects of their products and services in relation to their export readiness.

When Cypriot businesses submit an application to the Export Helpdesk a communication framework is created between the applicants, the Ministry and the Trade Centers in the countries the applicants requested to export products or services. Through this communication, the applicants give details to the Ministry and the Trade Centres concerning the products and services requesting to export, the Trade Centres provide information about the markets and at the same time views are exchanged in relation to the types of companies to be approached by the Trade Centers. In this context, information is pulled out from various international databases that the Trade Service and the Trade Centres are subscribing to in order to provide Cypriot exporters with contact details of foreign businesses. A final list of selected potential buyers is drafted with whom the Trade Centers are to contact with the aim of promoting the Cypriot businesses or if the Cypriot businesses wish to, they can contact potential importers abroad directly. If there is favorable ground for cooperation and if the physical presence of the applicant in the specific country is required, then the Trade Center proceeds to arrange meetings with potential buyers with the ultimate aim of reaching a cooperation agreement between the two parties.

For certain countries not covered by our Trade Centers, the Export Helpdesk can assist by sending lists of potential importers to interested Cypriot  businesses for certain products and services. (Service available from 2025). Applicants are informed that for countries not covered by the Trade Centers no contacts are made with potential importers abroad.

The Export Helpdesk serves  businesses that export Cypriot products and services while  businesses that import products for re-export without any processing in Cyprus are excluded from the Export Helpdesk procedure.

For more information and to submit applications, Cypriot businesses that export Cypriot products and services can contact the Export Helpdesk at 2286720922867251/155/123, fill in the form that is provided in the link below and send it electronically to the following addresses: epitsillidou@meci.gov.cy  and keleftheriadou@meci.gov.cy 

Applicants should first complete the Export Helpdesk application form by attaching the necessary documents to initiate the registration procedure. All applications sent by August 31st will be considered current year applications. From September 1st onwards, applications will concern and be served in the following year,

For the application form of the Export Helpdesk, please click here.

Before submitting the application, businesses are requested to visit the 'Useful Links' which contains links to websites which include a lot of information for businesses wishing to export.

Useful links regarding exports 

For the countries covered by our Trade Centres please press here


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