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General Information

The Trade Service operates 16 Trade Centres in countries with special trade and economic interest for Cyprus. Their main activity is to promote Cypriot products and services abroad. the countries. The Trade Centres, in collaboration with other competent services and agencies, are also active in promoting Cyprus as an International Business Center.

The Trade Centers of the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry are operating in the following countries:

1. Athens (covers Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy)
2. Warsaw (covers Poland, Latvia, Lithuania)
3. Berlin (covers Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland)
4. Beirut (covers Lebanon, Syria)
5. Vienna (covers Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia)
6. Cairo (covers Egypt, Jordan) 
7. London (covers UK, Ireland)
8. Moscow (covers Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia)
9. Dubai (covers United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar-From 1/1/24 it will also cover Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain)
10. New Delhi (covers India and additionally Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Additional countries only for Export Helpdesk range of services).
11. New York (covers USA, Canada)
12. Paris (covers France, Spain, Belgium, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia)
13. Beijing (covers China)
14. Tel Aviv (covers Israel, Palestine)
15. Tehran (covers Iran, Pakistan)
16. Tokyo (covers Japan)


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